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One of our many goals for the event industry is to help our wedding partners discover, develop, and execute new ideas. Some of you may have seen in our Instagram story a collaboration of wedding partners, reciting the words “United We Stand.” In the past twelve weeks, we have been consistently trying to drive home the message that community and collaboration over competition is a critical factor to your success. We always want to practice what we preach. Nirjary Desai and I had a very long conversation sharing ideas about what we can do to bring people together. So, we came up with this idea and wondered if it would work. It had never been done before in the event industry, but it was worth trying. As you read on., I’m going to be sure our formula for that video. All the thought and work that went into simple one minute video. We encourage any wedding partner in the event space to use this formula to bring your community together, build relationships, and start helping one another grow.  

In the week 9 we hosted a webinar that brought together 6 wedding planners who cater to the South Asian event market. We discussed the ideas of how each in different parts of the county and Canada shared how they overcame hurdles we call face. So, we decided to piggy back off that webinar and take it a step future and drive home the message of collaboration.

  1. Instagram and Facebook is the preferred platform for getting the word out because of the video features
  2. Create a 1-minute video to communicate our message (Fast and Easy for the viewer)
  3. When you ask people to something for you. Make sure it’s easy and in everyone’s capabilities. 
  4. It had to be different (Take this concept and make it your own) 
  5. Develop a simple positive message (Non-political) 
  6. Find a team player to edit the video
  7. Ask your network to participate
  8. Give people credit
  9. Always be grateful for others time and participation
  10. Set a day and time to release the video. It’s important that everyone has the same opportunity. And again, this all goes back to a collaborative effort.

CAUTION: Make sure the message you want to convey has everyone’s business and reputation in mind. People pride themselves on what they have built and protect their reputation. 

Here’s the email that went out to our wedding partners: 

Hey Friend,

We hope this message finds you well. A quick explanation of our intention for asking you to participate in this 2-3 second little video that we are putting together with the event industry globally. We have had many questions come up since sending this out, and we wanted to let everyone know that this has NO POLITICAL connotation or anything, it is solely to help our event industry & community.

Over the past 12 weeks, we have been putting together thought-provoking webinars to build better businesses. We have realized that Our current state of affairs and ways of doing business has affected the creative industry globally. It’s not about what I can do; it’s about what We can do together. Our goal is that together with the help of our industry, we can commit to taking a stand to build collaborative communities and be the change we wish to see in the event industry. So to sum it up as an industry, “Together Let’s Stand United.”

If you feel as strong as we do about this, we would love for you to send us a 2-3 second Video Shot Vertically on your phone standing facing the light so we can see you clearly. The message that needs to be Spoken into the camera is “United We Stand”. This is due to us by the end of DAY, DATE and TIME. Take the video on your phone and text it to YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION, and make sure to text your Name, Company Name, Email, and IG Handle.

Thank You again for all of you who have shown our efforts so much love and continue to do so week by week, we can only elevate excellence in our industry if we are unified.




This is a great time for you as a wedding partner to reach out to people you aspire to work with once life and events get back to normal. It’s a great time to stay connected with our current networks, making those connections event stronger. We hope this helps empower you.

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