Dharmasetu Das – The Masterclass – Episode No. 5

One of the most important and crucial vendors at your wedding is the priest. If you don’t already have a priest who has taken care of the family for many years you may have to start searching. Asking yourself a ton of questions and not knowing where to start your search. We sat down with American Hindu priest, Dharmasetu Das. A Southern California based priest who travels all over the world to take care of clients at their wedding and many pujas alike. This is the first in a series of videos explaining every element and ritual performed in a hindu ceremony. But, first we wanted to introduce you to Dharmasetu and ask the hard questions for you.


  1. A good hindu priest will walk you through each ritual explaining the meaning and how to perform each ritual with ease
  2. A priest should be a learned (pursuit of knowledge and philosophical understanding) and very well behaved
  3. A good listener and use their ears more than their mouth. Understanding what a couple and family want in a ceremony
  4. Make sure that everything is centered around the couple
  5. Explains everything that is happening to the couple, families and the guests during the actual ceremony
  6. Multicultural weddings. A good priest can work in tandem with another officiant to create a seamless environment for all
  7. Works well with the family or friends who may want to be a part of the actual ceremony to make it more sentimental to the couple
  8. Able to diversify his or her approach to the ceremony to perform the rituals of multiple faiths
  9. Offers a list of elements (incense, pots, water, trays, fire pit etc.) or brings his or her own elements to perform the actual ceremony
  10. Incorporates personal items into the ceremony
  11. Travel is an option


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