Serve yourself to serve others

Are You Serving Yourself, so you can Serve Others? Aside from being business owners, we are all human beings serving human beings, and many times we let our egos, fear , and minds take over our actions of service & hospitality. Join us as we have a candid conversation about the true essence & purpose to serve others & ourselves. In the end we are all here to serve together!   Graminder Banga of Banga Studios  We may recognize Gurminder for his versatility as a creative photographer with Banga Studios. But, what you may not know is in the last 3 years, Gurminder has developed a fond and growing interest in spirituality and mindfulness. Gurminder is on a journey to uncover more of the teachings of his inner world, so he can live by them in his outer world. His practice begins at 5am daily, and the results speak for themselves; more grounding, less anxiety, more love, less fear, more conscious choices, and less impulse decisions.         You can download the full PDF presentation, by clicking here. If you wish too fast forward to a question below. We have included the timestamp for each question to make it more efficient to get the answers you are looking for. 7:08 HOW HAS SERVICE, SERVED ME? Collaborations →  Job Offer By NBC Faces of Poverty →  BangaBooth A Day in the Life →  Inner Journey 16:50 HOW DO YOU SERVE YOURSELF? Guilt does not require more fuel Rephrase your words 26:30 WE ARE NOT WHAT WE ARE DOING, WE ARE WHO WE ARE BEING. You are not your work What are you passionate about? Gurminder I don’t know what to do – help me please! 34:54 PLANT SEEDS NOT WEEDS What grows faster weeds or flowers? Start small, start scared Time block You will have bad days 47:05 HOW SERVING ME, REFUELS ME 5AM Practice & Intention  49:58 SERVICE OTHERS Service in every interaction Serve with your time, your energy or your skills 53:19 HOW CAN WE SERVE YOU? Q & A from attendees   The Beauty of Philanthropy Beauty is only Skin Deep, but the real beauty is in our actions and how we make a difference through Read more Are you “SLATED” to “PARTY online Marketing, Branding, Digital Media, Online Presence!  What does all this mean to you and your Indian wedding business?  Well don’t Read more United We Stand “United We Stand!” It’s not about what I can do, it's about what We can do together as an industry Read more The Luxury Pivotal Party Set Up webinar Are you ready to make a Pivot? Many vendors in the event industry are unsure of what pivotal changes & Read more The Karma of Events Welcome to our 7th wedding webinar - The Karma of Events We hosted event guru Colin Cowie for a special Read more Saba Decor Rentals – VENDOR SPOTLIGHT Calling all Bay Area brides. Planning and designing your dream wedding is one of the most desirable locations in Northern Read more Juna Beauty – VENDOR SPOTLIGHT We love it when our readers reach out to us. Discovering hidden talent and being able to share them and Read more Jennifer Cole Florals – VENDOR SPOTLIGHT What happens when you combine 14 plus years of wedding floral experience, with a ton of creativity and mix it Read more Treetop Indian engagement session in the snow Nikhil and I met in the unlikeliness of circumstances in our hometown of Dallas TX. In late 2015, exactly one Read more Meet Impressive Creations – VENDOR SPOTLIGHT Never underestimate the power of film at your next Indian wedding. Film takes to you another place and time, when Read more

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