The Beauty of Simplicity: Why My Simplest Wedding Look Was My Favorite

I’m sure all brides can relate to the pressure of choosing outfits for their wedding events. For me, shopping was fun yet exceedingly stressful.  I wanted each outfit to have the stamp of approval from my sister, my mother, and my mother in law. Each outfit for each event had to have a distinct look. Moreover, there is so much pressure to wear certain designers or labels. As someone who loves fashion I also struggled with whether I wanted to wear something traditional or modern and trendy. To top it all off, those stressful thoughts were just for the clothes! Don’t forget about pairing each look with accessories and makeup!

Now as I look back at my wedding photos, by far my favorite look was the outfit I wore for my Haldi Ceremony. My mom and I stumbled upon this yellow saree in a small, street corner boutique after a long day of shopping. It was our last stop for the day and I was hungry, tired, and sweaty. I was drawn to the color and light, easy to drape fabric. So, just selected it on a whim and was happy to be done shopping for the day. 

On the morning of my Haldi ceremony, I had not planned how I was going to do my hair and makeup, or even what jewelry I was going to wear. For the bigger events I had everything planned meticulously on an excel spreadsheet. I decided to go with a high sock bun for convenience of not getting the haldi in my hair. For makeup, I did a clean face with eyeliner and a bright pink-purple colored lip. I am wearing Kat Von D matte liquid lipstick in color Bauhaus, I love her lipsticks because of the highly pigmented color and staying power. I did my whole look within 15 minutes! I added golden accessories that were gifted by my mother in law. For each event I tried to incorporate elements from my side and elements from my husband’s side.  I only wore the maang tikka and earrings and left off the matching necklace because sometimes a bare neck looks more elegant. And, voila! What would turn out to be my favorite look came together. – Diya Goorah MD – SincerelyHD 

A few tips for future brides:

  1. Inevitably the pressures to dress a certain way will always be there, but sometimes wearing something simple and flattering that speaks to your style goes a long way.
  2. If you cannot decide between modern and traditional, consider a timeless look for your wedding, trends come and go but no one will look back and regret wearing something classic. You can add modern touches with your makeup, hair or jewelry.
  3. Don’t underestimate the importance of color. Think about your event location and decor, then select a color that will contrast and make you stand out as the bride.
  4. Lighter makeup can keep your bridal look youthful, fresh, and effortless. I was concerned because contrary to my other events, I was not wearing blush, mascara, or lashes with this look.  But the lipstick went a long way, and I love how clean my face looks.
  5. When selecting a saree, a light, easy to drape fabric with a medium to large border will always be very figure flattering.

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