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Suppose you have a phone in your pocket and have utilized its facetime feature. Then you understand the experience a virtual encounter makes you feel. Especially nowadays, we all thrive or long for a human connection. Delivering that connection in the best possible way makes a difference. When it comes to an Indian wedding or a once in a lifetime moment, you might not want to take a chance on a dropped call or poor audio. Then the overall experience is lost, and it becomes more about fumbling around with your computer or phone to get the live steam and running again. You want to keep your guests engaged in the wedding, so they feel apart of it.

We interviewed Peter Nguyen of Peter Nguyen Studio, a professional cinematographer, about the power of creating a professional live stream for your wedding. In this article, we asked Peter about everything, from equipment to experience.

Mandala Weddings (Q): Peter, can you walk us through your process? Can we start with the basics? Talk to us about the difference in professional equipment vs.DIY. What is a feed, and why is it important to have? How do you obtain the feed? Without getting too technical.

Peter Nguyen (A): A feed is a way to capture the live event. Strong, stable, and reliable internet are keys components for high-quality streaming. We tap into the strongest and durable available internet signal and use it for the live stream. We create professional feeds by tapping directly into our cinema cameras and professional lenses that capture the live event in 4k. 4k is the pixel resolution size. When you hear 4k, know this is the highest quality resolution in today’s cameras, creating a crystal clear video. All the feeds will then go into a HUB where we manage and live stream out in 1080p. 1080p is a perfect resolution for viewing on the live stream on any device. This is different from a lower quality feed like zoom call or iPhone as it’s limited to a consumer camera, fixed one angle lens, and lower quality stream. We usually change camera angles from wide to mid-close-up views to keep the viewing experience dynamic and engaging.

Peter Nguyen and his associate working on getting the Live Stream ready for the 100’s of guests who virtually attend a wedding.

2 cinema cameras with 2 different lenses to create 2 different live feeds for a better experience

I pad to receive the feeds and control the view for the guests at home or abroad.

Controlling the Live Feed to Youtube, or Facebook. You decide.

Mandala Weddings (Q): Peter, you set up multiple cinema cameras with different lens selections. Wide views to close-ups to see all the intricate rituals during a ceremony. How do you manage so many feeds at once?

Peter Nguyen (A): Having quality feeds via Cinema cameras, and a Professional Live Steam Management Hub allows us to choose the right angles to stream and monitor the audio level to enhance the viewing experience. We have a dedicated on-site team member to actively monitor all the feeds, and change camera angles to tell the event’s story best. We also track the quality of the audio and adjust them accordingly.

Mandala Weddings (Q): Thanks, Peter, that helps us understand the technical aspect. Our readers want to know how this service translates into a more exceptional experience for the guest. Near or far.

Peter Nguyen (A): The experience all starts before we even go live for the wedding. There’s a digital invitation that goes out to guests over email. Once the day arrives, and at a specific time, we send out a custom link for everyone to view the professional Live stream. The live stream delivers a direct and intimate experience to the guests who cannot attend your event. Many of the live stream’s attendees told us they felt like they participated in the event. Many of the family and guests even gathered around their TV screens and participated in the ceremony. This particular event was streamed over Youtube Live. This is our preferred method and most stable for what we offer.

Below are photos the guests in India shared of how they interacted with the feed and how you can see what a great experience this professional approach delivers. As you can see everyone dressed up for the occasion, just like in person. Bought and customized a cake with the bride and grooms names and event participated in a blessing of the bride and groom during the ceremony. And, look how crystal clear the feed is on the televisions and devices in the background.


Thanks so much, Peter. The team at Mandala Weddings values your willingness to help our readers. This is an excellent option for couples who want to deliver a luxury experience. All the photos in this post were created during a live event. Some of the guests you see interacting with the feed are in India and across the US.


Create a digital invitation
How the couple met. Proposal stories. Photos growing up. Why they’re the perfect couple. Tales of the parents. History of the ceremony rituals

Chat on WhatsApp
Create a group chat before the event. This will help get everyone on the same page. Especially to receive the link to join the live feed. Guests will also use this to chat during the wedding ceremony.

Make a website
Taking the invitation to another level. Incorporate video of the bride and groom welcoming everyone to the wedding and the parents thanking everyone who is attending. A chat feature to leave personal messages leading up to the big day.

Gift Box
Make a box fill with sweets, a personal note, flash drive with ceremony or your favorites music, (elements of the ceremony like kumkum, red thread, sacred water, Ganesh, electric candles to represent the fire, photos of your elders garlands, rice, fake flower petals) Send this box to guests and cue them when the time is right during the ceremony. Have fun with this one and make it your own.

Interact with the feed
When the feed is live, we encourage the bride, groom, and parents to interact with the guests, talking to them directly. Or even ask the Pondit to speak or chant into the cameras. What better way to make the ones you love the most feel like they are a part of this once in a lifetime experience.

If you would like to learn more about Peter Nguyen of Peter Nguyen Studio, we have a full interview about his services and man behind the brand.

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