San Francisco Indian Engagement

The beautiful city of San Francisco, California is such a magical location full of history and eye candy for any Indian Wedding Photographer. Living and loving in San Francisco Ajay and Snigdha wanted to have their Indian engagement session to capture the city that they live in. The city backdrop goes so well with Snigdha’s dress, which by the way we are obsessed with. We hope this will inspire you to dress to the nines when having your engagement session photographed.

Here are some quick tips. When selecting your outfits for your Indian engagement session. Dress for the location. Do the outfits play off the background you’re going to be photographed in? Color is everything. You want to stand out in your photos. Do your colors clash, blend in or complement the surroundings. Feel confident in what you wear. Confidence shows in your photos. And lastly, can you move in it. Okay, you look good right, standing in front of that mirror. Now, move around, look yourself in angles. Maybe do a little happy dance. Indian wedding photographers are going to ask you to poses in hundreds of different situations. So, be ready to move.

Indian wedding photography – Braja Mandala
Location – City Hall in San Francisco, California