Vendor Spotlight – Henna Bespoke Weddings

Are you on the search for a planner that has international experience that can also help you in the most intimate way. Meet Anisa of Henna Bespoke weddings. Based in Southern California, Anisa brings her international experience to your wedding. Her vast background is not to be ignored when it comes to planning events, big or small. Her minds eye for conceptualizing and design is unrivaled. If you are a bride that is planning multiple events in different countries, then consider Henna Bespoke Weddings. Read on you’ll soon understand why a personal touch matter when thinking big. 

Company: Henna Bespoke Weddings

Tell us about your business name: The story behind the story is – my name is “HENNA” but with Indians, it rarely that simple. My mom loves astrologers; they can be the run of the mill, foot astrologer – yes, that’s a thing, numerologist -really anything esoteric. Of course, she is not alone in this either – most Indians of a particular generation are. Before becoming “Henna” somewhere in grade 2 or 4, I had had three other name changes. When an astrologer challenged my mom with a very difficult “H” sounding syllable. My dad’s uncle, who was like a father to him, came up with the name “HENNA” and potentially catapulted me into the profession and, naturally, a name that lends itself to my current day professional. BESPOKE, of course, means customized in the most proper English tone and tenor, and I pride myself in being someone who keeps an eye on the client’s vision and expectation and finally WEDDINGS because I feel that is my special skill or talent: Conceptualizing, Designing and Executing WEDDINGS more than any other event.

Email Address: connect@hennabespoke.com

Instagram: @hennabespoke.com

Facebook: hennabespokeweddings

Website: www.hennabespoke.com

Where are you located? Do you travel? I spend my time between New Delhi, India, and Orange County, California, and travel extensively to work on my projects. I have designed and executed weddings in over 14 countries and have excellent collaborators.

How long have you been a professional? Since 1999

How did you get your start? It was my dream to own a flowershop, and I did so with a place in Santa Monica, California. I was very young, and though I could make arrangements, I did not understand the business aspect of running a flower shop. So I say that the flower shop was my masters degree / Life Training. Since then, I have evolved the business to provide a turnkey service: Management, Design, and Execution.

Describe your style in three words: Palpable because its Bespoke, detailed, organic

What services do you provide? Wedding Planning, Management, Decor & Floral Execution

Do you have a team? Yes, a combination of Freelance and in-house.

How has social media changed your business? It compels me to post my work, something I felt shy about before, and to create visuals using words and the all-important #

How do you provide education to your couple’s during the planning process? As we get to know each other, I introduce my approach to them and help identify and decipher components as we discuss. Often times, some steering is required even with clients that know their minds. It is essential because they may understand what they want but not realize there are other options as well.

What makes a successful wedding? A happy client who takes the time in the midst of their celebration or whenever to send me a message thanking me and feeling a sense of pride or when they get emotional on viewing the venue once it’s been setup. My favorite when the bride’s father thanked me for working on his daughter’s wedding as it she was my sister. That brought tears to my eyes, and I felt a lot of pride, not just for me but for my team.

Our most common accolade: Thanks Anissa, for everything; it went off so well. My Fb and messages are pouring praises! Thanks! I will be recommending you to lots of people … Keep in touch.

What makes you different? I get involved with my clients in a very personal way. I always say being a planner is like being a hairdresser/bartender/ therapist. It’s the most emotional time in anyone’s life; there is a lot of anxiety, stress, and opinions flying around, and I have to be the even keel ship that brings it all into the harbor. I have sometimes watched myself from outside myself in very stressful situations and wondered who this imposter adult is. It’s a bizarre feeling but also a very fulfilling one.

Do you want to offer prospective clients any advice on hiring a professional? Feel comfortable. Don’t compromise, and don’t get bullied into anything. We are getting to know our clients’ hopes and dreams in the cliff notes version/ on the fly. Call us and talk to us as often as you need before making up your mind and even more frequently after that. The more we get to know you, the better job we can give yourself a Bespoke Experience.



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