Nirjary Desai – The Masterclass – Episode No. 4

As a wedding industry professional, our instagram accounts are something more than a series beautiful photos. There’s so many layers of how we use Instagram; as a media outlet, networking tool, mini blog, and a online portfolio that has taken years of hard work to build. Think about it this way. If each post took you 1 hour to curate and you have 1000 posts with thousands of likes, forwards, saves and reposts. How much is that worth? And, what if all that was hacked in a manner of minutes. Lately in the world news we have seen the meat industry, gas pipelines, transportation, senior living and the medical industry all being held at ransom by hackers. We are all vulnerable to this. And, it’s important that we safeguard our accounts. In this video we talk with Nirjary M. Desai of Kis Cubed event who recently had her account hacked. learn what she did to protect her account. So, you can do the same.

In this video you will learn the signs that you have been hacked. What to do and not to do? How hackers interact with you? What they want from you. Scare tactics and so on. Being aware of the types of activity hackers look for to target your account. Finally, we will help you protect your account today.

Meet your next instructor, Nirjary Desai of Kid Cubed Events.

Below is from the official Instagram help pages. We are simply sharing the information to you, so you can safely secure your instagram account.

Q: What’s two-factor authentication and how does it work on Instagram?

Two-factor authentication is basically a security feature that helps protect your Instagram account and your password. You will find this type of security is common amongst all apps on your phone. Once you set up two-factor authentication, you’ll receive a notification or be asked to enter a special login code when someone tries logging into your account from a device you don’t recognize.

To turn on two-factor authentication from the Instagram app:

  1. Tap instagram-user-profile or your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.
  2. Tap  in the top right, then tap instagram-settingsSettings.
  3. Tap Security, then tap Two-Factor Authentication.
  4. Tap Get Started at the bottom.
  5. Choose the security method you want to add and follow the on-screen instructions.

When you set up two-factor authentication on Instagram, you’ll be asked to choose one of two security methods:

You’ll need to have at least one of these set up in order to use two-factor authentication.

Note: After you’ve turned on two-factor authentication, you’ll be able to see login requests, remove trusted devices and access backup codes for your account if you have issues receiving a recovery code. Learn more about recovery codes.

Other Useful Resources

  • If you haven’t marked the device you’re using as a trusted device, you can do so when you log in from that device using two-factor authentication. This way you won’t have to enter a security code when you log in again. Trusted devices are any device that you’ve already signed in to using two-factor authentication and have marked as trusted by tapping Trust this device.
  • Keep in mind that you shouldn’t tap Trust this device if you’re using a public or shared device that other people you may not know can access.
  • To set up text message (SMS) two-factor authentication, you can either use a mobile number that’s already been added to your account or add a new number.

What to learn more about the Duo Mobile App: Click the link below to start your research.


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