If you are a Vendor in the South Asian wedding & event space don’t miss a special weekly webinar. Created and developed by industry professionals, just like you, this webinar is focused on supporting you to navigate these uncertain times. In this webinar, two expert insurance agents and a contract lawyer that specialize in the event space will help you navigate the do’s and don’t of event insurance?

Anthony Grigsby


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Nirjary M. Desai

Owner |C.E.O (Chief Experience Officer)

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Below are some of the questions that are addressed in this webinar. 

  1. I’ve been advised in my contracts to use the wording as an initial payment versus a deposit. Any reason for this?
  2. Should I tell my Clients to get event insurance for their postponed wedding to July (originally March) in case Covid comes back?
  3. A client is rescheduling for early July and I’ve talked to her multiple times trying to make things as realistic as I possibly can. She’s pretty set on getting married as soon these restrictions are lifted (April, May, June even possibly) so I’m not sure what else to do because at the end, it’s their choice. But I do want to set some ground rules for covid 19 rescheduling especially if they are going against our advice and wanting time reschedule multiple times you know?
  4. What if a client is going against your advised reschedule time to what clause should you have in your contract that would reflect that or reflect multiple rescheduling? What information should be included in the contract that would prevent multiple rescheduling?
  5. Do vendors have an obligation to refund a “non refundable deposit” if the service specified at certain date / time / location is not able to be done?
  6. Is it still worth getting Wedding /event insurance since companies are not covering acts of God or pandemics?
  7. When a venue asks for insurance, Is it a planner’s responsibility to make sure all vendors provide the COI? What if the vendor is extremely unresponsive and doesn’t provide it?
  8. Would that responsibility fall on the planner if they fail to provide the COI?
  9. Wedding date is May 2nd. As the planner I opened the conversation with the venue. They responded with a “ we will be back in the office on April 23rd” and will let you know what we can do for your May 2nd wedding. My bride is concerned as she has family coming from India, Canada and east coast. As her planner I asked the couple to email the venue and state that given they did not give other date options in September and or October… That she cancel with the hotel. I have other venues willing to match the same details as the original venue. I feel guilt do this to a venue. But may 2nd is part of the Government timeline of no group events. Did the couple emailing to cancel and go elsewhere seem like a good idea?
  10. Someone told me I had to get insurance because I bring my own mic stand (in the event one is not available for the ceremony) and if someone were to trip on it or it were to somehow fall over on them and cause damage to clothing or person I would be liable. Is that a correct assessment?
  11. How would you approach a situation where a client goes against your advice and wants to pursue their wedding with only 5 people including yourself which is Ontario’s current law. If you feel uncomfortable of being apart of this wedding, would you have to give up the remainder of the payment if that’s not currently in your contract? Luckily I haven’t had that experience, but I know of a makeup artist who was in this situation. Would you have to take the loss because you don’t feel it’s safe? This is for the remainder of whatever payment is due
  12. What’s the right way to continue collecting payments from clients whose event isn’t affected and you are still providing services without sounding unsympathetic.?
  13. If we are covered with a good contract + insurance and the client is unhappy and writes a Yelp review or review in any platform, but we performed the services to the fullest. How can I protect myself?
  14. For clients who are getting married in 2021 is it too late for them to have things like pandemics covered in their event cancellation insurance policies if they haven’t gotten one already?
  15. What happens if it is a significant amount of money ie $20,000 for rentals for an event where no work is done yet. I appreciate they have overheads etc but NOT that much $$ shouldn’t they be flexible.
  16. If we are covered with a good contract + insurance and the client is unhappy and writes a Yelp review or review in any platform, but we performed the services to the fullest. How can I protect myself?
  17. What can a client do when a vendor refuses to return partial payment that was paid in advance and in full (NOT the retainer) but no services have been rendered and the event is months away. For example vendors such as bakers, florists, or photographers which have not purchased product or done any work?
  18. Can we have a non disparagement clause in all of our base contracts?
  19. If you have a Force Majeure Clause but your contract states that full payment is needed, Force Majeure doesn’t discount it right?
  20. What about unjust enrichment clauses?
  21. Are we protected from any damage made to equipment rented from a third party? 
  22. Are we protected by any damages due to sound equipment left around by the artist although the equipment is rented from a third party?
  23. Is vendor liability insurance valid if you work out of state or country?
  24. If a client sues beyond the amount of business insurance can they go after your home or savings if you are a sole proprietor and not an LLC or Corp?
  25. My August client as pending deposits to pay (photographer & videographer). However, they are asking how they can “protect their money” if they do decide to pay the deposits, in case COVID requires them to postpone their Aug wedding
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