The wedding industry can help India

Letter to the wedding industry:

Many of us have started to work and celebrate again as the wedding season is upon us. As many of you have read, seen on the news that the crisis in India due to the 2nd wave of Covid-19 is dire. As a industry we want to encourage you to give back to the people of India. We want to THANK those who have reached out to us and brought so many great causes to our attention. Below are links to get you started in your research to give back.


Radhanath Swami’s ongoing efforts to help India https://ecovillage.org.in/donation/

DJ Shilpa is going LIVE on Twitch this Saturday, May 8, 2021 from 9pm – 11pm EST. Raising money for Hemkunt Foundation X Humans Of Bombay – Help India Breathe

Project Mumbai: works with several public hospitals to provide them with life-saving healthcare equipment and supplies, to cope with the significant stress on the hospital system.

Mission Oxygen- Helping Hospitals Save Lives: https://www.ketto.org/fundraiser/mission-oxygen-helping-hospitals-to-save-lives

24×7 Ambulance Network For COVID19 Patients And Healthcare Systems: https://www.ketto.org/fundraiser/getHelpNow

Help our healthcare heroes face the second wave of Covid-19: https://fundraisers.giveindia.org/fundraisers/join-my-campaign-to-help-our-healthcare-heroes-face-the-second-wave-of-covid-19?fbclid=IwAR3L4_Ocr7hoBmLqtrPPtmoYiP8efG51fjmMlEsFgsYUPrYkrPbGjPLDpbo&order_id=LC60832170e21c6

COVID Relief in slums of Mumbai: https://fundraisers.giveindia.org/projects/874

Discover other causes to help the people of India: https://fundraisers.giveindia.org/discover/healthcare

Start your own fundraiser: https://covid19.ketto.org/




*** Mandala Weddings is not associated with any of the donation links above. Do your own research. We are only sharing public links and wanted to give you a starting point to help the people of India.

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