Meet the Founders by professionals for professionals

This website was born out of sheer inspiration. Braja and Gene love to surround themselves with inspirational people. Creative people, people who have inspirational ideas, and most of all, genuinely love what they do. Inspired by the many conversations over the past 20 years of being wedding vendors, a plan was in the making. To create an annual print magazine and website that shares inspirational ideas and shows off people's creativity by telling wedding stories. This passion project continues to grow every day with inspirational stories for couples and new business solutions for our wedding partners.

Braja Mandala The Editor

Meet the editor in chief, Braja Mandala her keen eye for everything beautiful is the reason why the annual magazine and website is full of inspirational images. A professional Indian Wedding photographer who understands the power of storytelling through wedding photos and values the hard work that goes into creating events. 

Gene Higa The Educator

Gene loves to help people connect and encourages them to help one another. He believes in the strength of building a community and values his professional relationships by surrounding himself with people who are smarter than himself. His role as the educator and technical guru of this website is a perfect balance.