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To streamline our submission process and ensure the efficient handling of your valuable contributions, we kindly request that vendors refrain from sending multiple separate submissions or emails for a single event. It would greatly assist the team in managing the overwhelming influx of submissions and emails from various vendors if all pertinent details and imagery related to one event are consolidated within a single organized submission. This consolidation not only helps us maintain an organized system but also ensures that each submission receives the attention it deserves. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter, as it allows us to better showcase and honor the beautiful work of all our talented contributors.


Below are the submission guidelines to optimize your submission.


(*) asterisk indicates a required field




The essence of your submission lies in the wedding stories that resonate with us. We seek couples whose love stories possess the potential to inspire our readers.


Here are some recommendations for formulating your write-up:

  1. The couple's initial encounter
  2. An exceptional proposal narrative
  3. The ambiance and concept of the wedding
  4. An exploration of their individual and collective identities
  5. The rationale behind their choice of venue(s), whether based on destination appeal or sentimental significance
  6. What sets their wedding apart and why it serves as an inspiration to our readers.



Acknowledging the dedication and rigorous effort invested in transforming wedding dreams into reality is a paramount aspect of our commitment. We kindly request your diligence in furnishing comprehensive vendor credits, ensuring a proper recognition of their invaluable contributions.


1. Seperate the vendors name and website with a dash or comma




We seek professionally captured and meticulously exposed photographs and videos that exude sharpness and quality.

  1. A range of 50 to 100 images for each event submission
  2. Photo files should have a longest edge of 600 pixels at 72 dots per inch (dpi)
  3. Videos should be hosted on a video hosting service
  4. Video files must have a minimum resolution of 1280x720 pixels in HD MP4 format
  5. No watermarks




Captivating photographs that eloquently narrate compelling stories form the quintessence of our vision. Presented here is a concise guideline to assist you in assembling 50-100 photos for your submissions.

  1. Establish the ambiance through landscape photography
  2. The preparations of the bride and groom, accompanied by their family and friends
  3. Distinctive grandeur of the Baraat entrance, including unique transportation elements.
  4. Exceptional details of the ceremony, henna application, and reception
  5. A balance between posed and candid portraits, showcasing both the ceremonial and reception attire
  6. The diverse locations, encompassing the venue, ceremony site, and reception spaces
  7. Destination weddings, provide insight into the local culture and the people of the region
  8. The reception rooms, encompassing panoramic views, decor, stages, lighting, and intricate details



Exclusivity to Mandala Weddings is a requirement for all features


We aim to review all submissions within two weeks. If your submission aligns with our editorial criteria and is approved, you will promptly receive an email requesting additional information and a release form for publication.



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