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Braja and Kishore, boasting a collective three decades of expertise in Indian wedding photography. Their profound insight into nurturing a thriving community stems from years of immersing themselves among passionate individuals who share their dedication. Drawing inspiration from extensive experiences as indian wedding photographers, Mandala Weddings revolves around three core principles. Firstly, we strive to cultivate a unified community of committed members. Secondly, we offer brides and grooms access to this network, aiding them in assembling their dream team. Lastly, our commitment lies in spotlighting inspirational weddings that unite everyone. At Mandala Weddings, we take immense pride in our authenticity, genuinely caring for both our esteemed members and the brides-to-be we inspire.

Co-Founder & EditorBraja Mandala

Meet the Editor-in-Chief, Braja, whose discerning eye for beauty is the driving force behind our annual magazine and website, replete with inspiring imagery. As a seasoned Indian Wedding photographer, Braja possesses a profound understanding of the art of storytelling through wedding photography and deeply appreciates the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into orchestrating such events.

Co-Founder & Educator J. Kishore

Kishore serves as a distinguished luxury lifestyle speaker at Engage! Summits. His passion lies in fostering connections among individuals and inspiring collaborative endeavors. Kishore firmly believes in the potency of community building and places great emphasis on nurturing professional relationships with individuals of superior expertise. In his capacity as the website's educator and technical authority, he strikes an ideal equilibrium.

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