Yesterday we shared with you the wedding video of Amit and Dinki today we are sharing with you their wedding images.

Several months of arduous planning gave birth to this occasion, but before then there were several years of courting managed through long-distance travels, surprise meetings and eventful encounters that finally culminated in a surprise proposal. Today, however, they were dressed as a prince and princess, hailing from an unknown Indian region, to celebrate their love for each other. Dinki, dressed in her beautiful white gown for the wedding, stood resplendent with her nose ring and her ornaments, looking with loving eyes at Amit. Amit returned her gaze, dressed in a blue garment that whispered of quiet elegance and sophistication, becoming of a prince. Both were excited to spend the rest of their lives together. But first, they spent their time dwelling in nature’s warm embrace, in the foggy mists of a wooded region, spending time with each other away from anyone who may pry.

In the evening, after having basked in each other’s presence, they celebrated with song and dance. Amit, with his Ibanez classical guitar, serenaded Dinki in front of his friends and family with the song “Tum Hi Ho”, which echoed his sentiments for her. In the waning hours of the night, they spent time with each other in their study, celebrating their nuptials in the quiet solitude. Truly, this was a blessed day for the couple as they begin what promises to be an adventurous and exciting life together.

Venue: Bourne Mansion | Florist: Party Land Boutique | Planner: Pearls Event Company | Photographer : Chris Brock | Videographer : Bliss Wedding Films | Hair/Makeup : Subrina | Catering : Benares | DJ or Live Music: Dhoom Events | Cake or Desserts: Benares | Henna Artist : Gkheena

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