Frequently Asked Questions About Advertising

Frequently Asked Questions About Advertising

1. How do I upgrade my ad?
This is our #1 question asked by vendors just like you. What this tells us is that your business is booming and we love support growth. In short, the answer is, “Yes.” You can email gene@mandalaweddings any time to upgrade your ad.

2. How do I update my ad?
Since we bill annually for the ad space, we highly encourage ads to be updated at this time.

3. Do you have templates to help design my ad?
Yes, we have templates for all of the blog sidebar ads. Email for these templates. You must be a paid advertiser to acquire these templates.

4. I’m not a designer. Can you help me design my ad and how much does this service cost?
We have a graphic designer on staff to help execute an ad that is personalized to you and your abilities — email gene@mandalaweddings for rates.

5. How soon will my ad appear on the MW website?
Within 24 hours of ad submission, your ad will appear online. We will email you directly to welcome you to the family.

6. How will I be notified my ad is due for renewal?
Invoices are sent out a month out for the renewal date. Offering you the change to upgrade and update the ad look.

7. My business provides multiple services? What’s the best way to advertise?
MW will work with you on creating ads for each of these services. Or a Vendor Spotlight is the best way to tell everyone how amazing you are and how all these services can benefit one bride.

8. I want to be featured in the “Vendor Spotlight” category. How do I get interviewed?
Glad you asked. If you are a Gold Vendor, this is a service we offer for free. If you want to be featured in the Vendor Spotlight category, email to be interviewed and the view the current rates.

9. Does MW feature only advertisers work? Of course, family first. If you are a current advertiser with MW, we consider those submissions above all others. It’s only fair that we empower those who support us. But, any anyone can submit work to us, brides and vendors alike.

10. How do I cancel my ad? Cancelations can only occur during the time of renewal. If you are deciding not to renew, open a line of communication with us, let’s figure out a better way MW can service you and your business.

More questions about our ads? Email