Mithra and Jon’s fusion wedding

Knowing Mithra would be my wife from the beginning, I knew I needed to do something special to pop the big question. I knew it had to be back in NOLA but I wanted it to be a complete surprise. This was a difficult task as we both lived hundreds of miles away and a trip to the city could possibly tip her off. A opportunity presented itself in the form of a Texas trip for my unborn nephew. This was a mandatory attend so I knew this would be a perfect cover. Once the day was set, I briefly slipped in the idea of going back to NOLA before the ceremony, this was an automatic yes from her – I knew I had the perfect cover. I only made one request for us returning to the city where we started, and it was to go back to our favorite restaurant – Royal House. In the months leading up to the trip, I secured necessities to make this the most special night of her life. I remember the most difficult task was trying to figure out how I could keep the ring/box with me without her noticing. I ended up bringing an unnecessary coat and assured her it would rain and didn’t want her to get wet. After dinner, I pressed the issue that we needed to go to Jackson Square where I had a violinest and cello player waiting on our arrival. As we approached, I signaled the two to begin playing and a crowd formed. Briefly standing in the crowd, they recognized her and I and began to play “you raise me up.” Once I heard that song begin, I knew it was game time – I walked her in front of the crowd and got on one knee. The seconds felt like hours but through her tears she said yes! We then went on a horse carriage ride through the French Quarter and into the rest of our lives as Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Moon.

Photography and Videography: Photographick Studios | Planning: Preeti Exclusive | Venue: Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Marlyand