How To Style Your Bridal Party: Bridesmaids Edition

Bridal party fashion is becoming a bigger focus of the wedding day and it greatly contributes to the look and feel of your wedding. Not to mention the ladies by your side have played important roles in your life and you want them looking their best!

Some of the challenges that I faced with dressing my bridal party included finding something that would flatter all body types and all taste preferences, and also finding something that my friends would want to wear again. After much debate, I decided to allow my bridesmaids to select white or cream colored outfits in the style of their choosing. They were able to accessorize their outfits as well. I chose white because I had white decor as well as white in my bouquet, we had the ceremony by the water and I thought white would look nice against the blue backdrop of the ocean. The bridesmaid outfit colors complemented my wedding decor yet was distinct from the color of my pink outfit, which I liked.

For brides who are having the same dilemma that I did, I encourage you to consider allowing your bridesmaids to select their own outfit! Here are some of the benefits:

1. Cost effective- Trying to cut down on wedding expenses? This is a great option, you will not have to buy bridesmaids outfits. If the bridesmaids have to pay for a new outfit in your colors at least it is in a style and design that they select an can wear again.
2. Unique, modern- I think this is a great way to add a unique and modern twist to your bridal party. Each bridesmaid can express her personal style and shine in a unique way which is difficult to achieve in matching outfits.
3. Bridesmaids comfort- This idea is especially ideal when trying to accommodate for different body types, personal tastes, and age groups. You want to always make sure that your bridesmaids will be comfortable and happy on your wedding day! – Diya Goorah of Sincerely HD