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Wedding tips from Touch of Elegance Events

Mala Bakshi is the CEO and design visionary behind Touch of Elegance Events known for spectacular luxury events ranging from weddings, social, corporate and charity events. Mala is an accomplished event planner based in NYC with offices in Los Angeles and Miami. With her well-trained team, Mala infuses grace, style and elegance into every event.

Mala Bakshi shared “We believe in going above and beyond our client’s expectations. We take the the time to really get to know our clients so that their special event is personal and reflects their unique style.”

We sat down with Mala and asked her to give us her top five tips when planning your wedding.
1) Planning and completing tasks earlier will make things less stress free. Make decisions and try not to procrastinate.
2) Let the professionals handle it. From your wedding planner to your caterer or photographer trust them. They will give you the best advise as it is their reputation just as much as yours and they want your event to be amazing.
3) Absolutely hire a wedding planner even if it is just for the week of. Day of coordinators can not accomplish everything they need to after you have spent months planning for the wedding. The week of coordinator allows every detail that you have been planning for to be executed beautifully.
4) Timelines are key!! Timelines are a planner’s bible for your wedding day to make sure everything runs smoothly for you. Hire a planner to do this for you as there are so many logistics involved in allotting enough time for all the events.
5) Do not stress!! It shows in your photographs and in all you do on your special day. Enjoy it to the fullest.

Below is one our favorite weddings that Mala and her team designed
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