Ravita and Naveen’s wedding by Julie Charlett Photography

We were mesmerized by the photos of Ravita and Naveen’s wedding when we first saw them. The dresses that she wore were beyond so we just had to share with you. Below are some words from their photographer Julie Charlett

“After their hindu ceremony, Ravita’s main request was to find her a classroom in QRC (his old high school) so she can finally make out with her husband! lol We were told all classrooms will be locked so we won’t be able to go in, but her secret fairy wedding godmother waved her magic wand for us to be greeted with a door cracked open

There were so many events and details to plan out, intricate details to piece together, surprises to play out, the weather to work around, people to co ordinate. Every detail and surprise showcased a piece of Ravita and Naveen’s personality but every event and detail would not have been possible without the awesome team at Drew Manor and Tricia Ng A Mann who they trusted wholeheartedly. Hats off to these amazing women and to everyone else who worked extra hard for this wedding to go off without a hitch! It was shortly after this photo Ravita looked at me all bright eyed and with hands swaying in the air.. “I can finally say it, today was so perfect!!” – Julie Charlett Photography