KIS Cubed Events designs the Trisha and Depen at InterContinental Buckhead

Trisha and Depen have a beautiful love story that goes back to Indian traditions and the luck of the draw of what we call the modern day blind date, matchmaking, or a simple set up. A respected elder mutual family friend of both Trisha and Depen’s families was asked to make the introduction between the two families so they could all meet and greet and give their blessings along with their approval of them beginning their dating journey together.

Soon after Depen and Trisha were put in touch with one another and they began to get to know each other over text message which started on May 20th, 2014. The two started to get to know one another and shortly realized they should meet since they had a lot in common such as their love for basketball since they were both following the NBA Finals games between the Miami Heat vs. the San Antonio Spurs.

The two struggled to decide where and when they should meet, instead the two decided to place a bet to see who would fly to see the other first along with who would win the NBA finals. Trisha bet that the Miami Heat would win and Depen bet on the Spurs. The outcome of the bet would only result in the loser had to fly to the others city to go on a date, and in this bet Trisha lost the bet and had to fly to Seattle to meet Depen for the weekend, but little did she know she would also lose her heart to him!

Together the two brought strong family values and the upbringing of a rock solid community that supported their union from the East Coast to the West Coast.

Like most South Asian weddings Trisha and Depen’s Big Fat Gujarati Wedding was not short of a match made in heaven and on earth. The families spend over 14 months planning the perfect multi-day, multi-events for an 800 guest wedding week in Atlanta, GA at the Intercontinental Buckhead. To execute and orchestrate their events they hired KIS Cubed Events to over-see all details big or small from start to finish, who brought along a rolodex of a dream team of vendors from all across the US to make it one memorable occasion that their families are still gushing over.

Planner – KIS Cubed Events
Venue – InterContinental Buckhead
Decorator – Weddings In Style
Photography – Nadia D.
Video – Pacific Pictures
Horse – Fantasy Carriage
Mendhi – Beauty You Deserve
DJ/Dhol – Indaglow Productions
Band – Garima Shidke & Group
Catering – Cafe Bombay / Pannwala
Mast Masala / King of Pops
Cake – Cakes by Angie C
Entertainment – Element Performers
Doves – Georgia Doves
Car – Prestige Luxury Rentals
Hair/makeup – Susmita Patel Blush Beauty
Photo booth – Clear Choice Photo

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