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For the event professional who needs a little bit more. Our ultimate listing has all the bells and whistles you will ever need to impact potential clients in a big way.

  1. Business Logo
  2. Banner
  3. Name of Business
  4. Description of Business
  5. Website Link
  6. Email Address Link
  7. Phone Number Link
  8. Facebook Business Link
  9. Instagram Account Link
  10. Twitter Link
  11. Youtube or Vimeo Channel Link
  12. Linkedin Profile Link
  13. Music Playlist Link
  14. Description of Additional Services
  15. Listed Physical Address (optional)
  16. South Asian Owned (optional)
  17. Women Owned (optional)
  18. Average Response Time Listed (optional)
  19. International Travel Availability (optional)
  20. Minimum Cost Rating (optional)
  21. 10 Highlights Gallery Photos with links
  22. 2 Highlight Videos with links
  23. 2 Event Galleries with 10 photos each, and links
  24. Annual Statistics
  25. Masterclass Contributor
Pay monthly or save $94.80 by paying annually.


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