Anita Dongre Limited Collection

Anita Dongre just released her limited collection of Pichhwai pieces.

In traditional Rajasthani art of Pichhwai inspired this special edition bridal couture capsule. Comprising of 15 limited edition pieces exquisitely hand painted by their master craftsmen, each ensemble from their Pichhwai collection is full of minute details and intricacies. If you look at each outfit you will realize the countless effort of the artist in painting different styles of motifs. Each are narrating a poem that flows seamlessly in the realm of ones imagination.

“Two years ago during my visit to Rajasthan for a shoot, I had a chance encounter with Lekhraj Ji, while he was painting the walls of City Palace. Intrigued and inspired by the intricacy of his work and his flawless brush strokes, I immediately knew I wanted to give this art another form of life. We chatted about his art and he shared stories of his work being inconsistent. What fuels my creativity today is not just restricted to design but also about reviving the craft. So, I invited Lekhraj Ji over to our design headquarters in Mumbai and that is how the Piccwai Collection came to life.” – Anita Dongre