Fit to be paired – Bridal tips from Geena Singh

My husband and I aim to be classic in our clothing choices. We do not believe in having to purchase new outfits for every new occasion. We appreciate old world designs and put new world spins on them. Whether it’s a wedding event, or any type of festivity, we mix and match western attires and combine them with Indian clothing to make creative and fun new outfits. While we love complimenting each other, even if we don’t sometimes, it’s okay because we’ve hand picked our own outfits which is important to us. One should always experiment otherwise you’ll never know which colors/styles are best suited for you. Most importantly though, try to purchase evergreen pieces which you will want to wear year after year. We try not to impulsively purchase clothes and be mindful about them because we hate to throw away, and just let clothes sit in the closet. For that reason, we will oftentimes repeat outfits with no qualm at all. As should everyone for that matter, because it’s fun to reinvent outfits! You can always pair an outfit with a different accessory, different hair style, different shoes, and you will result in a whole new outfit!

Season after season we’ll take into consideration new trends and add little aspects into our outfits, like a new vest or trying a new dupatta with a suit, but we always aim to keep classic silhouettes. We aim to support the original designer whose design we’ve liked, instead of remaking an outfit. The credit should always go to the designer who had put the time and effort into the look, versus remaking it. We thoroughly believe in giving credit where it’s due, and supporting the original designs and designer.

In this ever changing world, we want to bring back the opulence of old world living. Always dress according to the event. If we’re attending a sangeet our color scheme will be different versus attending a wedding. Wedding will most likely be a daytime event, and a more somber color scheme. On the other hand, an evening reception will ask for a darker color scale. For Sunny, fitting is crucial. For me, color is extremely important. At the end of the day though, always wear something you will be comfortable in, and you will feel most confident then. Never chase trends, especially if you feel it does not mesh with your innate style. Rule of thumb, you are most beautiful when you comfortable and confident. – written by Geena Singh
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