Do’s and Dont’s for Winter Skin by Meagan MUA

From lips to hands, everyone is suffering from these dry winter days. Internally and topically, we are in need of more hydration!
Dry skin is extremely common during winter. As the humidity drops and the air is cold and dry, the water in your skin evaporates at a faster rate. This then makes your skin feel tight and can look flaky. It’s hard to make dry skin look good in any situation.

Loss of water in skin is the true culprit to aging.

Here are a few do’s & don’ts to get your skin looking fresh and dewy through the winter months.

Do switch to a Milk Cleanser.
Switch out your foaming/cream cleanser for a gentle milk cleanser, especially for the winter.
Milk cleanser is great for all skin types, removing dirt, oil and makeup from the skin without stripping it of it’s hydration.
Pro tip* always use milk cleanser dry (without water) until it has been fully massaged into the skin. Follow by rinsing with water, then non-alcoholic toner. Toner will help remove any remaining cleanser left over on the skin.

Do use lip balm morning and night
New underground favorite is LANOLIN! The most universal lip product to cure dry, chapped lips. ANNND, Amazon has a great deal on Lanolin that are perfect for travel and on the go. They come in 3 small mini tubes that will last you months.

Do moisturize!
Moisturizer acts like a barrier for your skin and protects it from loosing hydration.

IT cosmetics has a great creamy moisturizer that also works great with makeup.

Apply moisturizer within 10 minutes of starting your makeup. If you are unable to cleanse right before applying moisturizer, spritz your skin with water prior to applying your skincare.

Don’t use Retin-A on your skin during the winter months (or at least not every day). As much as I love Retin-A for all it’s benefits. It can cause additional peeling, flakiness, redness and photosensitivity to the skin.

Do use a night cream. Night creams should be used every night, all year long, and should be apart of your skincare non-negotiables. It’s the #1 product to deliver water topically to your skin while you sleep. Whereas day moisturizer locks and seals that hydration in. Drinking water helps too, but your skin is the last place water will actually reach, which is why it’s important to apply topically.

Don’t take extra hot showers. That may be difficult since it’s cold outside, but hot water will dehydrate you. Especially when washing your face! Try using lukewarm water or keeping your hot showers to a minimum and off your face.

Do exfoliate once to twice per week. This will help remove dry, dead skin cells from the surface and create brightness within the skin. (2-3x per week in the summer)

Don’t use powder makeup products on dry skin. Powder will emphasize the dryness in your skin. Try using a tinted moisturizer to help your skin look dewy and natural.

Do Use a hydrating face mask. You can find face masks almost everywhere nowadays but one of the best kept secrets for facial masks is…
LEMON YOGURT! Grab any plain lemon yogurt and use as a face mask. The key ingredient to all truly hydrating skin care is ALPHA-HYDROXY ACIDS and lemon yogurt is FILLED with it. It has lactic acid to keep your skin soft, citric acid to help exfoliate AND acidophilus which kills bacteria on the skin.

Don’t use products with alcohol in them and limit your alcohol intake. Alcohol will dehydrate you internally and externally. Technically every 1 oz. of hard alcohol you drink you loose 2.5 glasses (20 oz.) of water.

Written by Meagan Brown Makeup follow Meagan MUA on Instagram for more beauty tips