Earth’s Elements

After dating for several years Chinmay wanted to surprise Prapti with a proposal in the city of loveParis, France. Because family is important to both of them he involved both the families in the planning of the engagement. This dream proposal took place with the Eiffel Tower in the background in a picturesque cafe.

In India and across various cultures, most weddings are extravagant and larger than life events as an accepted social custom. Prapti and Chinmay wanted to normalize their wedding and host it at a relatable scale. They wanted the focus to be on something that is meaningful, humble and personal.

So how did they plan and design their wedding? The team from Kankoo Thaapa gave us their insights into the conversations and ideas that went into creating their dream wedding…”The concept of the wedding was developed after rounds of discussions and interviews with the couple. We understood them and gathered what is important to them and why”, says Kankoo Thaapa. “When we started developing language for them, we knew that it has to be timeless, rooted yet contemporary, profound yet versatile and above all beautifully personal to them. This lead us to the fundamentals of any element. Panchtatva – five core elements…. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. These became our concept and not theme. So each element and each ritual was designed and conducted with the understanding and abstract interpretation of one or more elements. The marriage ceremony became the symbol of every element coming together depicting ultimate enlightenment, their union. Prapti means Achievement/Gain and Chinmay means Knowledge/Supreme Consciousness. Together their names mean, Enlightenment. Several areas of the wedding were derived from the concept of Panchtatva. Earth, water, air, fire and space.”

Venue: Aranya Farms, Ahmedabad, India | Planner: Kankoo Thaapa | Photography: Memoire | Videographer: Shaadi Video | Hair/Makeup: Expressions by Niyati Shah (Sangeet), Ulupi Parikh (Wedding, Reception) | Catering: Jaival Parikh Catering | Henna Artist: Jayshree | Rentals: Alankar Decorators, Ahmedabad