Padmavati Themed Styled Shoot

There are a number of contesting stories about Padmavati. The Rajput community maintains the sanctity of everything related to her and many historians say that her life was nothing but stories. Recently, the makers of one of the most awaited movies of 2017, ‘Padmavati’, gave its fans a perfect Navratri gift. They released the first look of Deepika Padukone as Rani Padmini.

The legend of Rani Padmavati is a tale of lust and war, which unfortunately ended in tragedy. India has seen rise and fall of notable dynasties, great emperors, foreign invaders and heroic warriors. Along with great kings, the history of India also saw the presence of equally memorable, queens. One such queen was Rani Padmini, a legendary 13th-14th-century Indian queen. She was first mentioned in Padmavat, an epic poem written in 1540 CE by Malik Muhammad Jayasi. The Muslim ruler of Delhi Sultanate seized the land ruled by Rawal Ratan Singh with intention of capturing his wife, Rani Padmini. Alauddin became obsessed with Padmavati after hearing of her mesmerizing beauty.

In the movie Deepika is exquisitely dressed in heavy royal outfits with magnificent traditional jewels. With her make-up being on point along with unibrow, the gorgeous actress brings the historic character of Rani Padmavati come alive in the posters. – Written by Free Press Journal India

In this styled shoot we see the movies looks recreated by
photographer – Ashish Kharat
hair and makeup – TM’s Makeup Artistry
outfit and jewelry – Taal Botique
model – Manali Desai