The Saree Silhouette by Tia Bhuva

Im sure you have seen on social media Tia Bhuva’s new saree silhouette slip. Gone are the days of wearing an old cotton slip underneath your saree. Tia has now brought us into the modern era with her silhouette slips. So, what is the difference you may ask? Why do I need one?

The answer is simple these new slips hug your curves in all the right places and make a great foundation for your saree draping. Just like having a great undergarment like Spanx smoothes out your body underneath a cute dress, having a slip that conforms to your body makes your saree look even better on your body. With the traditional slips there is not much shape to them but now you can have the perfect hourglass shape. Thank you Tia for creating something for us to feel sleek and sexy in our sarees. Watch the video below to see the difference

Check out Tia’s You Tube she has a lot of great ways to wrap and transform your saree into something super special