Nirjary and Amit’s engagement

Our favorite photographer who is also a great friend and like a sister to us, Nadia D., documented our events and wanted to take Amit and I to photograph our engagement session in downtown Cabo along with the surrounding areas.  We took a day trip into the old city and got to experience local Cabo Life in many artistic allies and streets and road side cafes and bus stops.  Then we continued back to the hotel for another look and changed and went and shot on the beach at the back of the hotel and the waves, clouds and day just gave us amazing things to shoot with such as a line of horses, tree debris and clouds for days.


We took a day trip into the old city, where the streets were paved with bricks and there was old art on the walls of the buildings. We got to experience local Cabo Life in many artistic allies and streets and road side cafes where we stopped for a coconut drink. One of our favorite locations was an old and bus stop that was painted with a rusty orange color.  There was an old cactus that must have been about 10 feet tall that stood next to the stop that we loved.

We continued back to our hotel where just as we arrived a group of horses were passing our way and we were able to photograph with them. It was so much fun being with the horses on the beach. I am so happy that we were able to photograph on the beach with the blue waters and waves of Mexico. It was an experience I will soon not forget.

Photography – Nadia D

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