High on love

Milly and Kunal’s epic engagement photographed by RAG Artistry. The scenic landscape of the golden mountains is jaw dropping.

Photo tip – when picking your engagement location think of places that you like to visit with your significant other. It can be anything from a beach that you always like to go to, to a city cafe that has your favorite coffee. When picking the location make sure it speaks to you and who you are as a couple.

Long gone are the days of engagement sessions on the beach or in the park.
Our favorite photographer who is also a great friend and like a sister to us,
Barkha and Arun would have known each other for all of seven months at the
RAGartistry scenic stylings from the lush green woods to the bluffs overlooking the ocean to
One morning during our last years in college a mutual friend of our introduced us
Nikhil and I met in the unlikeliness of circumstances in our hometown of Dallas TX.
Poonam and Ankit traveled to Napa Valley, California to have their engagement session by the
Rashmi and Sachin met during their medical school years and their friendship blossomed into love.
Kashvi and Jay both live in Los Angeles so they wanted to photograph their engagement
It has been a few days since the announcement of Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra's