Winter Skincare Essentials – KC Makeup

Get ahead of the game and start prepping your skin before you hit those freezing conditions. Add a hydrating face wash and a rich day and night cream to start maximising your skin’s hydration levels. Amp up your regime with some added TLC and apply a mask every evening two weeks before you depart. Rich moisture-enhancing masks such Patchology Sheet Masks are great go-tos before a ski trip and be sure to take a few sheet masks with you to apply when you come in off the slopes.

I would advise adopting a regime with products that combine vitamin C and vitamin E, at least two weeks before heading off. They work together and will help build up your skin’s barrier against UV light.

Additionally, pick for a cleanser that is nourishing rather than stripping, as an exfoliating cleanser will compromise your skin’s moisture barrier. If your skin feels tight or tingly after your cleanser, this could be a sign that your face wash is too active.

Don’t forget a lip balm, your lips will be the most exposed area to prolonged periods of cold, drying weather. Swap out your moisturising balm or oil and opt for an SPF lip balm that has a high zinc level. Soltan Active Lip, or Piz Buin In Sun Lipstick SPF 30, will both do the job and are super cheap. For when you get back home, opt for a super nourishing treat like La Mer Lip Balm, – expensive but worth it.

Once you are back in your hotel, treat your skin to spoiling rich creams, masks and hyaluronic serums to try and pack as much moisture in as possible. – written by KC Makeup