The Sweetest Wedding Cake Trends – Sweet Cheeks Baking Co

Baby Got B.A.C. (Big Ass Cake) – In 2019, Big is IN!
Couples are looking for drama and WOW factor in their cake design, but spoiler alert, the huge cake might be fake. Well, at least part of it! Faux tiers allow for more height without the risk of the cake imploding from weight. They also allow couples with smaller guest lists to enjoy the awe of a B.A.C. without a surplus of slices at the end of the night.

Weddings with larger guest counts benefit from faux tiers in addition to a backup sheet cake, so guests aren’t waiting two hours for a slice of cake to reach Table #34. (Aunt Manju is already annoyed that she’s not sitting within an arm’s length of you as it is!)

Larger cakes provide more opportunity to incorporate incredible detail into the design of the cake. White on white appliqué and stencil patterns, gold painted details, sparkling crystals, and uniquely detailed designs really stand out cakes standing 4-6’ high. (Our tallest stood approximately 10 feet!)











Cookies are the New Donut – 2019 is the Year of the Cookie Jar
Whether tray passed or displayed, offering a variety of flavors satisfies everyone’s sweet tooth – even those with dietary restrictions as cookies can be made vegan or gluten-free more easily than many other desserts.
From milk to Scotch, Irish Cream to Port, offer a shot of your favorite beverage perfectly paired with each cookie flavor for a treat that’s totally unique.
Cookies require no utensils (yay!) so guests don’t have to decide between dessert and dancing – they can grab a quick bite and get right back on the dance floor!
Whether a sugar cookie personalized with a photo or monogram or a short stack of classics, cookies make a great gift for wedding guests (and no one will throw them out if they are delicious!).











Nearly Naked – Cakes are Getting Half Dressed
In 2019, the Nearly Naked Cake, the understated, yet unbelievably elegant sister of the Naked Cake takes center stage. The beautifully bare design gets elevated with upgrades like pops of color, edible accents, and metallic motifs.
Metallic accents, like gold leafing, can transform cakes from simple to stunning for even the most glamorous celebrations.
Fresh flowers are always a fan favorite, but in 2019 fruit is making its way into the forefront of cake design. Whether fresh, candied or dried, fruit is a unique (and edible!) way to dress up a Naked Cake, adding color and texture, while maintaining the simple, yet elegant, aesthetic the Naked Cake is known for.












– written by Sweet Cheeks Baking Co.
As cake designers, owner, Elaine Ardizzone and her team at the award-winning Southern California bakery spend each day transforming couples’ sweetest dreams into a deliciously detailed reality by creating visually stunning cakes that wow, tantalize the taste buds, and tell each couple’s unique story in a way that matches their own vision and style. The Sweet Cheeks team has a constant pulse on what’s new and noteworthy now and sweet trends on the horizon.