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We love hearing a brides and grooms story from their own point of view we asked Vaishali and Shiv to tell us a little bit about them. They shared with us their own story of their proposal and of course their beautiful wedding day.

Their love story – Shiv saw Shali for the first time on Dil Mil, a dating app. It was love at first sight for him. Unfortunately, she didn’t see him on the matchmaking app. After months of searching for her, his baby cousin finally ended the hunt – she found her through Shali’s mom’s Facebook account! That was not the end of Shiv’s struggle. He messaged her for weeks on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter till Shali finally gave in and decided to reply. A month and countless conversations later, on a rainy summer day they met. It was also love at first sight for Shali… but what’s a love story without a twist? Shali moved to New York city after 6 months to follow her dreams. Long distance was something Shiv couldn’t do, so for the next 3 years they led their lives apart. No phone calls. No meetings. No contact. Somehow, their love managed to stand the test of time. After countless matches and dating app hook ups Shiv was ready to do long distance, or anything at all to have Shali back in his life. Luckily for him, Shali had realized it was time to come back home. So one day, Shiv finally built up the courage to call Shali. 6 months after, she was back in Toronto, planning their wedding.

Proposal – It started with understanding an emotion I wanted to invoke, in a place that is special to Me and Shali.  Shali had been sweet enough to never ask for a certain kind of proposal (or ring). Instead, her only request was that there be a lot of pictures…because she wouldn’t be able to take it all in.
My choice was Toronto’s Distillery District. Shali and I have always loved that location. Spending countless dates there, walking the cobblestone streets in the summer. The plan was set. I grabbed my A-team. The stage was set. I picked up Shali around 5pm. It took Shali a few minutes to realize what was happening as I brought her into the area. And the rest is history. Once she realized it, she was at a loss for words. I took her to the backdrop, and asked her to marry me. Well, I said it in a much sweeter way, but I have no idea what I said.

Wedding – The wedding was a nexus of Shiv’s hipster style and Shali’s boho vibes. We envisioned the wedding to be an intimate, shabby-chic affair with hints of wood and florals. The wedding colors were pastel peach, ivory and shades of gold. The guests all wore sunglasses to play up the hipster vibe. The mandap was made of rustic wooden pillars covered with vines and floral arrangements. Adorning the backdrop was the majestic Eagles Nest Golf Course’s serene lake.  Wedding stationery was custom designed by the couple, and had hints of their playful style. Opting out of a traditional horse. The groom, with his love for cars, decided to ride in on vintage 1962 Ford Galaxy. It was a small and imitate ceremony, filled with hugs, laughter, and plenty of dancing!

Couples Attire: Bride and Groom’s attire from Sabyasachi
I (Vaishali) flew to Mumbai to buy my and Shiv’s wedding outfits from Sabyasachi Mumbai. This was a game changer for us, because we felt the outfits demanded a sense of regal and royal feel. I live for clothes, and what we wore was very important to me. We truly embodied our wedding looks and this transformed our boho-hipster wedding into a classy affair.

Clothing: Sabyasachi | Cake: Something Sweet | Catering: Embassy Grand | DJ: Eminence | Florist: Bloomen  | Hair/Makeup: Baljit Gill  | Henna Artist: Henna by Divya  | Photography: Alfaaz Photography  | Planner: SAWC | Venue: Eagles Nest Golf Club | Videographer: Eleve

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