Let them eat cake – cake trends by Sweet Cheeks Baking Co

Love Multiplies – Cake! Cake! Cake! The More Cakes, the Marry-er!

While the joy of cake comes from the taste buds, an artistic display makes a statement. For a jaw-dropping visual display, couples are choosing multiple cakes of a varied number of tiers to make guests swoon.

Not only are these gorgeous dessert displays beautiful to the eyes, offering a variety of flavors is a palate pleasing surprise that expands offerings and accommodates possible dietary restrictions, like gluten-sensitivities, without modifying the entire dessert menu.

Allowing guests to cut their own slice at a delicious dessert buffet provides a unique, interactive tasting experience. Offering guests to-go boxes to save a slice for later is a super sweet touch.












Cake with Conscious – Organic, Vegan, Gluten & Dairy Free Dietary Requests

Let them eat cake! As society becomes more health conscious and aware of how food and ingredients are processed, more couples look for wholesome ingredients to be incorporated into their sweets and ask for vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free dessert options to accommodate guests with dietary restrictions.
Mini desserts like cookies, mini cupcakes, or creamy cheesecake shots often lend well to guests with dietary restrictions. Couples who still want to enjoy the coveted moment cutting their cake can opt for a small cutting cake and a delicious dessert bar with health-minded options to be enjoyed by guests.
Don’t take the cake! For a fun filling alternative, opt for fresh, in-season fruits like kumquats, guavas, and figs and incorporate them into the design of the cake.











Build Me Up, Buttercream – The Perfect Palette for Artistic Accents

In 2019, couples are incorporating artistic elements like brush strokes and hand-painted watercolor for a unique cake design that is (almost) too beautiful to eat and cake designers are turning to buttercream as the perfect palette.

Hand painting buttercream allows pops of color to be brushed right onto the cake and mimics oil painting – allowing elements like the wedding dress, linens, and other textiles to add design inspiration.

Buttercream allows cake designers to incorporate textures, like stucco, spackle, and stripes, into a cake’s tiers.
Plus, the best cake designers (we know a few if you’re looking) can fool anyone, creating a finish as smooth and perfect as fondant











– written by Sweet Cheeks Baking Co
As cake designers, owner, Elaine Ardizzone and her team at the award-winning Southern California bakery spend each day transforming couples’ sweetest dreams into a deliciously detailed reality by creating visually stunning cakes that wow, tantalize the taste buds, and tell each couple’s unique story in a way that matches their own vision and style. The Sweet Cheeks team has a constant pulse on what’s new and noteworthy now and sweet trends on the horizon.