Shirali and Pavan’s wedding by L’atelier Lumiere

As the train started moving, Shirali was running down the train station platform, late as usual, with a large suitcase in hand. Pavan looked out of the train car door and saw a beautiful girl running to catch the train. He reached out, grabbed her hand and pulled her up. That’s not how Shirali and Pavan met. Yet, their story is still about a pair of opposites that were destined to be together.

Shirali and Pavan were against the idea of online dating and were sure they could never meet their Bollywood song and dance partner that way. Naturally though, their friends forced (read: blackmailed) them into it. As luck would have it, their dating app glitched and accidentally connected the two around New Years 2016. Obviously she fell for him first (but she will always deny it). The following year was a whirlwind of talking, texting, dates, facetiming, and trips back and forth between Florida and Kentucky. The two knew quickly that this was something quite special.

Finally during a weekend getaway to celebrate their dating anniversary, Pavan knew it was time. Because he spent the last several months always asking Shirali if her nails were done, she didn’t suspect anything. They spent the chilly weekend at a cozy cabin. On the last day, Pavan was bundled up in his coat for a surprise visit to the Biltmore estate and insisted Shirali wear a nice dress and heals. Of course, she complained about it the WHOLE day…until he took her to a special spot in front of the mansion, got down on one knee and asked her to stop complaining…and of course she said yes!

Venue: Hilton Clearwater Beach | Planner: Apsara Events | Photography: l’atelier lumiere international photography | Florist: Prizm Event Design | Hair/Makeup: Michelle Renee Studio | DJ or Live Music: Hiren Patel | Henna Artist: Henna by Priya Shah

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