Neelam and Chris’ engagement by Rizwan Ghumro Studios

One morning during our last years in college a mutual friend of our introduced us in the Mathematics Seminar Room where we subsequently debated the nature of mathematics and its role in the universe. Naturally, after such a conversation we became friends, spending most of our days studying, laughing and dreaming about what the future had in store for each of us. Weeks later, what started as a night out between two friends became a first date. We were holding each others hands and feeling a sense of stillness that neither of us had ever experienced, as if we have finally found the person for which we had been searing our entire lives.

We traveled to Denmark and Sweden to take our engagement photos with photographer Rizwan Ghumro Studios. Where we explored different parts of the city, rode bikes and walked on the cobbled streets. To this day the only explanation as to how we found each other is that we were meant to meet in the seminar room on the date the math simply doesn’t add up.

Photography by Rizwan Ghumro Studios

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